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Budgeting & Cashflow

Budgeting & Cashflow Brisbane

What is Budgeting & Cashflow?

Budgeting & Cashflow management and forecast is the method of examining your business’ current capital, assessing the areas of expenditure in which that capital might be divided, and apprehending the areas in which that capital might be increased in the forms of incoming revenues. While budgeting is a financial plan for the income and expenditure of your business, cash flow is a record and maintenance of the actual cash at hand that is spent or earned, which enables you to identify where your business currently stands.


Based on the analysis of your previous financial records, current performance and future-based assumptions, budgets are predictions of what your financial statements would look like. Budgets are planned in accordance with your business goals, enabling you to achieve success and profitability at the end of the year.

Some of the main reasons why budgeting is important for your business are:

  • It Gives You Control Over Your Financial Activities
  • It Enables You To Set Business Targets And Meet Them
  • It Enables Future Planning And Strategy Development
  • It Guarantees Successful Implementation
  • It Ensures Allocation Of Funds Based On Previous Expenditure And Current Goals

Cashflow Forecast 

Cashflow prediction allows your business to plan the cash requirements and hold ahead of time. With this forecast, your business has a plan of the precise amount you will be anticipating in terms of tangible inflows and outflow. Whether your business is profitable or not, if the cash flow management is poor and your business is short on tangible cash at hand, it can likely get in trouble when it comes to repaying liabilities.

Some of the main reasons why cash flow forecasts are important for your business are:

  • They Enable You To Regulate Your Expenditure
  • They Allow You To Identify Cash Shortages
  • They Help You Identify Surpluses
  • They Enable You To Devise Capital Investment Strategies In The Short And Long Run
  • They Enable You To Track Your Accounts Payables And Receivables Effectively

Why You Need Budgeting & Cashflow From Experts?

At IJ & EA Accounting Tax Services, our goal is to ensure that your business activities operate successfully not only on a day-to-day basis but also in the long-term profitability aspect. With the assistance of our experts, your business will have budgets and cashflow forecasts, in consideration of your business goals and objectives that will guarantee profitability and growth.


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