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Restaurant, Café & Take Away Shop Owners

The problems or concerns:

Restaurant or shop owners are usually using traditional ways to record their income and expenses. Some people use paper cash book or Excel which needs a lot of time to record entries every day. And reconciling these records back to the bank transactions is not only hectic but also draining.

The introduction of single touch payroll and super stream requirements have been further complicating the accounting processes. It means that you need to move to electronic software to meet the reporting requirements.

Most shop owners typically have issues such as:

  • Tired of doing bookkeeping via cash book or manually
  • Knowing that there is a better system but think it’s too hard to use or change
  • Using the accounting software but feeling that everything is still been done manually
  • Doing payroll manually with annual PAYG Payment Summary
  • Not understanding what single touch payroll or super stream is
  • Wanting to make a change to their current processes
  • Not being able to analyse the business growth as their accountant simply does their annual financial statements and tax return and does not tell you what can be improved
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How we help our clients:

We help our clients in several ways and in some instances, you will be impressed that you may even save accounting fees by following certain practices. We assist our clients in the following ways:

  • Understanding your existing processes
  • Considering any improvements to streamline your processes
  • Guiding you through the processes so you understand your requirements
  • Helping you transition to new software
  • Training you or assisting you with all required accounting tasks
  • Comparing your performance with your peer competitors
  • Identifying cash flow shortfall and ways to improve
  • Taxation planning

We educate our clients and work with them in their accounting journey. Our goal is to make our clients happy that they made the right choice.

Disclaimer: the information contained above is for guidance only. It should not be relied upon without obtaining professional advice regarding your circumstances. No responsibility for loss occasioned directly or indirectly to any person acting or refraining from acting wholly or partially open or as a result of the above material can be accepted by the author of any company referred to herein.
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