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Bookkeeping Brisbane

What is Bookkeeping?

Keeping track of your financial transactions is essential as it maintains a record of your activities throughout the year. Bookkeeping enables you to achieve this. Based on your business structure, bookkeepers record your financial activities using other documents such as invoices, receipts and etc. Accurate bookkeeping is vital for your business as it maintains records of all your financial transactions that are needed for annual financial statements, profit and loss assessments, and predictions of cash flows.

Among accounting practices, Bookkeeping is a fundamental one, which is essential for your business. Other than account maintenance, accurate bookkeeping facilitates tax planning, cash flow management, budgeting, business goal planning, compliance assurance and etc. As a result, bookkeeping enables your business activities to remain efficient and seamless.

Why You Need Bookkeeping From Experts?

While many sole traders and small-scale business owners prefer to bookkeep their accounts by themselves, in a rapidly transforming economy, this is becoming harder. In addition, bookkeeping is also time-consuming and requires detail-orientation to basic accounting elements, which an individual may or may not be familiar with.

Our team of professionals at IJ & EA Tax Accounting Services aim to satisfy all your financial planning and management needs. We provide our clients with professional bookkeeping services, guaranteeing accurate and authentic results.

Our Bookkeeping services include:

  • Recording Financial Transactions
  • Maintaining Bank Accounts And Tracking Balances With Incurring Financial Transactions
  • Establishment of Cloud Accounting System
  • Implementation of Mobile App to Capture Receipts
  • Managing Payrolls
  • Managing Superannuation Reporting

At IJ & EA Accounting Tax Services, our goal is to guarantee that your business activities are accurately recorded to assess, manage and plan for the current as well the upcoming financial years in the most efficient manner.


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